About us – Connie and Lyn, loving pet minders

We are Connie & Lyn, This is our ‘about us’ page.

Why did we become Pet Sitters? It is a question we often get asked. Well, there is no simple answer. As mature ladies we have had our fair share of jobs. Some we enjoyed, most were to pay the bills. The turning point came after our Mum’s death in 2012. Lyn and I had cared for her for several years before her death. The hole she left was never going to be filled by working in an office. She I set out as sole trader doing what I know best, looking after and loving pets.

Why pet care?

Well the obvious but honest answer is that we love animals. Throughout our lives, we have shared our home with the most amazing dogs, cats, and even one much missed lovable rogue Welsh Cob. Our Tamar Elite Pet Family become part of our dysfunctional extended family. Receiving the same loving care as our own  beloved rescue dog & cat.

Asking Lyn to be my partner. The creation of Tamar Elite Pet Care LLP.

I loved being out on my own but it was lonely. And I often had to turn down local work as I couldn’t split myself in two. The solution ask my sister and best friend to become my formal partner. And that as they say is it. We started the new partnership in 2015 and haven’t looked back. Sometimes it is hard and money can be tight. But this is the way I want to spend my end of days.

To be as happy as the clients in our testimonial slider below – CALL/TEXT Connie on 0788 034 1488 to discuss your pet care needs. And to arrange a FREE Initial Consultation [travel costs extra/paid in advance]