Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?

Adopting A Dog – Puppy Or Adult?


Everyone get’s really excited when trying to adopt a dog. I know we did, they truly are a man or woman’s best friend. They can be relied on to keep you company, cuddle you, and even guard your house. First you must review your personal lifestyle and needs before adopting any dog. It is a major life decision especially whether or not to choose a puppy or an adult as a pet. Before deciding on which dog to adopt, here is some useful information that might help you decide.

Puppies pros & cons


* Bringing up a puppy is an advantage because this means that you would guide its growth and well being. You would have the chance to raise it up according to what you want. This means you can ensure that it is properly nurtured with the right dog food, ensure that necessary dog shots are given and prevent health problems at this early stage. Personally training your puppy is also a plus since you can teach him exactly what you want.


* You should adopt a puppy when it is at least 10 weeks old. Puppies need a lot of time to be cared for by their mothers. This is a crucial stage for them. They somehow gain a psychological advantage for both puppy and for the mother dog as well.


* A puppy can easily adjust to new surroundings as compared to an adult dog. Although most puppies may cause minimal to major damage to your personal stuff while they are in the stage of teething. They need to be housebroken and house training needs a lot of time, effort and patience from the owner.


* There is no assurance of what a puppy would look like when it gets old; especially it is a mixed breed. Also, his temperament might change too when he grows up.

Family Dog:

* Most pet owners love how puppies can be entertaining. They are very cute and adorable pets that is a hit for both children and grown ups. Puppies can be easily regarded as one of the family.

Adult dog pros and cons

Behaviour :

* You would have less of a fuss taking care of an adult dog. They already have this established behaviour that you can easily adopt too. By being with the dog more often, you would have more or less an idea of what its temperament is.

* You need to get as much information that you can when adopting an adult dog. Take note of its habits and mood swings. You can acquire this valuable data from the staff at rescue centres. Some adult dogs may have some behaviour issues. It is important to take note of them and be prepared to compensate.


* It may take some time and effort for an adult dog to be completely comfortable with a new owner.

* Take note that you need to introduce an adult dog to your children and other household members prior to adoption. Rescue centres should be happy to allow visits by the whole family.  This would help the dog be familiar with them and helps them refrain from biting or barking thinking that they maybe strangers.


* Adult dogs may not need your full attention unlike puppies and may require lesser trips to the vets. Although many rescue dogs can suffer from separation anxiety. A sad result of previous abuse.

Size & Behaviour :

* For a fully grown dog physique and behaviour is basically not a variable anymore. What you see is basically what you get.

* Most dogs are housebroken already so they would cause lesser damage to your belongings and don’t wake up at night like most puppies do. They have over grown the impulse of chewing things he has his eyes on.


* An older dog can easily adapt to new people & pets at your household. Although an abused dog may have set likes & dislikes related to it’s former abuser. They may also be extremely set in their ways due to previous training and feeding regimes.

In conclusion

Adopting a dog is not an easy task and choosing which one to adopt can be a little tricky too. Everyone loves sweet looking puppies, but not everyone can stand up to the tiresome house training. Though most would appreciate the bonding shared with them. Adult dogs can need a lot of support, patience and limitless love, but are so worth the time and trouble. In return, you would get a devoted companion, friend and guardian for life. Someone to be there to welcome you home at the end of a tiring day.