Why your pets need Connie / Lyn pet carers in their lives

Pets need Connie & Lyn to be their pet sitters

Why you may well ask. Read on and let us enlighten you. We provide the best in personal care for all cats, dogs, bunnies, fish even domestic fowl. We will obey your written instructions to the letter. Your home, their rules – our experienced loving care. We are the purrfick solution for all your pet care needs.Read the rest

Which Of These Cat Breeds Is The Right One For You?

Which Of These Cat Breeds Is The Right One For You?

There are many cat breeds out there.  If you are like most people, you don’t know much about them.  In order to help you to make a choice about breeds, here is some useful informatio

Energetic & Fun

Do you want a cat that can entertain himself and not get into mischief?  Then don’t consider the Sphynx, the Rex, the British Angora and the Siamese.  … Read the rest

Health Problems in the German Shepherd Dog

Health Problems in the

 Reputable Breeding

YamaBSM / Pixabay

If you are buying a puppy it is important to ensure that you only purchase a healthy dog from a reputable breeder and a good idea would be to contact the relevant breed authority in your area. They should be able to provide you with a list of all such breeders. Most reputable breeders don’t need to advertise but if they do they tend not to use free papers or other general advertising media but will usually place their advert in a specialist dog magazine or paper.… Read the rest

Health Problems That Haunt Small Dogs

Health Problems That Haunt Small Dogs

While none of the following problems are by any means exclusive to small dogs, they do present extra challenges for small dogs and their owners.

Teeth and Gum Problems

Many small dogs have a tendency to develop teeth and gum problems which lead to tooth loss, because they are often fed canned food as an alternative to larger kibble. Although tooth loss in itself is vexing, oral disease can lead to even more serious heart disease, compromised immune systems and other complications.… Read the rest