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Vacation pet sittingScratching your head over pet care worries. Ask  yourself what is worrying you. The main reasons for asking for our help tend to be:-

  • Work commitments that you can’t put off any longer?  
  • Going on Holiday to an exotic destination? 
  • Weddings / receptions – Brides to be and  family members or attending guests.
  • Social  Engagements – day or night
  • No longer able to put off going into hospital or attending an important  appointment?

Whatever the reason. You no longer need to add worrying about your pets whilst away. We can help with our premium loving pet care. Contact us and ask for our help with all your house and pet sitting needs.

TEXT Connie on 0788 034 1488 to arrange a FREE Initial Consultation [travel costs extra/paid in advance] 

This first meeting is mandatory and no pet sitting will be undertaken before we meet. Our meeting allows us to tailor pet care to each  individual pet’s and their owner’s needs. It is advisable where a owner would like Connie to undertake a long vacation sitting engagement that a TRIAL run takes place beforehand. This trial run should include an overnight stay. I have found with many of my clients that they can behave differently when left overnight! This Trial gives both myself and the owner’s time to iron out any problems before a long sit. Resulting in our owners being able to go away on holiday worry free.

Reasons why you 

  • With adopted pets from shelters. Cats & specifically dogs can suffer abandonment issues.
  • Exotic breeds require specific care and feeding regimes.
  • The young or old require additional loving pet care. Kennels can’t provide.
  • Owners who have a multitude of pets. We only charge for the amount of work, not animals.
  • Owners that work from home, where pets are used to constant company.
  • House owners who need someone on the ground to provide home security.
  • Clients who require full housekeeping with or without pets, whilst they are away.


In conclusion, if any of the above sounds like you. Then you know who to call, ask Connie and Lyn for help today. Complete our contact form or phone us today. Your pets will say thank you.

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