Coping with Pet Loss

Coping with pet loss

It is never easy losing a beloved companion whether dog, cat or guinea pig. It is an unfortunate truth that we as owners will outlive our pets. Sometimes several times over. Our family have been fortunate to have been owned by some amazing pets. From Mum’s little Shetland Sheepdog to losing my best friend. My beloved flat coat retriever Cassie.Life goes on even when you are broken hearted

Each time a small part of my heart goes with them. I always say that no pet can replace another but sometimes you are fortunate to find a new best friend. I have found that joy with our new rescue babies.

I will never forget the pets that have lived as part of our family. I like to think that they are the stars I watch at night. Watching over us. Silly, maybe but it helps me.

We all cope with Pet Loss in our own way

pet cemetery - pet loss

We all cope in our own way with pet loss. Some owners bury their best friends in their garden. Although some councils have rules and regulations about pet burials. I would advice checking beforehand. Others prefer to choose a nearby pet cemetery. Many pet  owners like to have a Pet Memorial to celebrate their companions life. Thankfully their are some truly beautiful ones these days.

However you choose to handle your pets loss and celebrate their lives.  You may need someone to talk to. Someone who understands how you feel. As well as someone who will not judge you. The last thing you need at this sad time is people to tell you to pull yourself together.

Finding someone to talk to isn’t easy

The classic statement “They are only dogs, cats etc should be banned from human vocabulary. Whatever people feel, whether owners are pet parents. Whether they believe they cross over the rainbow bridge. It does not matter, what does matter is that owners who have lost pets are treated with kindness. The Blue Cross have a Pet Bereavement Support Service that offers a kind ear to owners.

Read below on how to prepare to say goodbye. Owners have the option of downloading the PDF should they wish.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

I said there were some beautiful Pet Memorials. Please see below for some of my personal favourites on Amazon uk.